2 comments on “Gospel From the Strippers Pole

  1. She is sick and needs help. Probably her agenda is to bring disrepute to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to undermine the work many honest and faithful Christians are doing. How does deliberately exposing her breasts preach salvation? If she is a believer at all, then she is a ‘born against’ believer – Both she and that fool whom she claims is her husband. Ananias & Saphira.

  2. “In like manner also that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation …” I Timothy 2:9. Okay, the topic of women preachers can be debated. Jewelry and costly clothing and styles, those can be debated too. But, modesty is not debatable. Cleavage and nipples? Get real! She was indecient and unprofessional in every way. I don’t want to deal with a bank teller, dressed like that. Why would I want to listen to a preacher dressed like that? No, a woman minister doesn’t have to wear a robe. But, she ought not show stuff that ony her husband and doctor needs to see.
    I know, we Protestants believe the Holy Spirit guides us in interpreting scripture and we all have ‘soul liberty.’ But, even an atheist knows what is respectable and what is not.

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