2 comments on “You Can’t Forgive Everything by Keith Harris

  1. Many would commend you for your selflessness and putting her career goals first. Others would shun you for how you left. Most woman have a natural desire to have closure in their lives and you left without saying a word. Im not sure how this displays selflessness when you didnt consider her feelings, but nevertheless, this is not my concern. I would pose the question back to you; could you forgive someone for attempting to change your destiny?

    Who gives men or anyone else for that matter to make decisions for others? You are not a father to her so how are you making the ‘best decision’ for her? Each of us has been given a divine destiny regardless of who comes into our lives. I think you owed it to her to be honest about how you felt and bowed out gracefully. I am sure she would have respected the opportunity to make her OWN decisions about her life and what was best for HER.

    We are all students of life. We must learn, on our OWN, to balance home, work and relationships. With this divine destiny I speak of, you have to remember that success or failures can be delayed but never denied. Maybe you were supposed to be the delay in her life so that she could learn a lesson prior to her success. In this situation, you altered her destiny. Perhaps she would have been the CEO instead of VICE, but the world will never know because you made the ‘best decision’ for her.

  2. I have been that lady. Oh yea he was the love of my life. I don’t think you did her any favors. If you really wanted to do a favor you should have never gotten involved. She will always wonder what would or could have been. Was you really truthful to her in the first place? or was you out for self gratifications. What I have learned is when women get sexually involved, this is deep for us; a part of our soul have been given to someone who never deserved or earned it. This carries life effects emotionally for women. But as we become older and wiser and even smarter we learn to make better choices. Our sceening process sometimes comes across to some men as being bitter women, scorn women, hurt women. I only ask that for you when you see one of those women in this classifications that you may use. DON”T
    she is only doing a better screening process. This is t try to weed out the undesired, undeserving, and the ungreatful men in the world. I commend you for your honesty now, if only you were able to say those same words in a good communication form to her back then.

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