2 comments on “For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness. ~ Author Unknown

  1. I truly agree on this one. In the cold December month of 2009, i set out to call, write, e-mail, etc. all the people I felt i harmed or harmed me. i had so much tension going on over things from as far as 10 years ago. I wasn’t a get you out the way type of guy either. I was a left-hook to the jaw guy. The relief i had as i rendered forgiveness and asked others for it allowed me to grow. It took POUNDS of stress out of my life. Breathe easier by taking the strain off your chest. think wiser by allowing your cells to focus on LIFE. Sleep better by knowing GOD forgave you and that second chance should produce greatness.

  2. Insightful words indeed. I like to call times like that my dumb days…it takes having someone who loves you for you to tell you the truth to your face in order for you to wise up and be all you are from the inside.

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